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Jiaxuan & Texturas Molecular Gastronomy leads "New Fashion Food"

Recently, Jiaxuan held two large Molecular Gastronomy Demonstration in Xiamen and Guangzhou. In this demonstration, Natalie Jewell, the chef of the famous “El Bulli” in Spain, was invited as the general technical direction to demonstrate how to use the special culinary skills,such as spherification, to integrate the creativity into the molecular cuisine and realize the innovation of the food industry.

Molecular gastronomy originated at El Bulli, a popular worldwide restaurant for molecular gastronomy, run by brothers Ferran Adria and Albert Adria.Spain's Elbullitaller has been called the ideal cooking master for its superior craftsmanship and advanced ideas since 1997.They also trained a large number of michelin chefs.

Natalie Jewell, who came to the demonstration, is a fabulous cook at El Bulli, the world's most famous molecular delicacy. And El Bulli has five times by the British professional gourmet magazine "Restaurant" as "the world's best 50 restaurants".  Besides, he is the top executive chef of molecular cuisine company, as well as a famous food consultant in Brussels and a special vegetarian chef and consultant in Barcelona.Her arrival also brings us to this new technology of molecules.

This demonstration was led by Natalie Jewell and supported by Decor senior technical director Alex, who jointly launched seven creative cooking products,presenting a real molecular feast:





The magic of Molecules is that the chef deconstruct ingredients,regroup and use after fully know ingredients well and use unique cooking skills different from the traditional cooking,making it change the appearance but remain the flavour.That's why it can be highly praised by the world's top restaurants——it can always bring us unexpected surprises. 


The success of demonstration got highly praised by the chefs who were present.They said  “molecular cuisine is indeed a new food field seldom involved in the domestic catering industry.This time all of us have the honor to watch and learn on site and communicate with Natalie Jewell,learned quite a lot,as if opens up a new molecules world."   


This demonstration is only the beginning of the exploration of molecular cuisine.We'll  explore,learn and share it in business philosophy of excellence and the attitude of constant exploration. If you are interested in this,please join us immediately to explore more mysteries and surprises of molecular gastronomy!  





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