Molecular gastronomy --Texturas "True or False"

TEXTURAS contrast between true and false

With the increasing popularity of molecular gastronomy, TEXTURAS have become increasingly popular as essential ingredients in many dishes.

However, in the process of daily use, some buyers are cheated by fakes. Whether it is the learning deviation caused by the use of fake goods in the process of learning, or the unstable production caused by the use of fake goods in the official production... It's bad for both the individual and the restaurant.

Today, Jiaxuan will bring you TEXTURAS true and false than the detailed explanation.



01 Product packaging VS authenticity

Let's look at two bottles of TEXTURAS 'Algin' product packaging.


From the front packaging, you can see many clues.

First, the front layout:
--Fake typesetting, skew, arbitrary;
The handwriting is shallow.
--Typesetting of genuine products, standard and clear;
The writing is clear.


02 Founder signature VS authenticity



Next is the founder's signature:
The words of the fake are blurred and broken;
The handwriting is clear, fluent and natural.


03 Plastic cover VS authenticity

Open the lid, there is a lot of information on the lid to see.
No matter it is the material description, the safety level of the material or the circular sign, fakes are not.
And the real product is marked in detail, take the goods, open a clear look.


04 Bottle lid VS authenticity


After looking at the plastic lid, look at the bottle lid:


Sometimes we are very confusing, not to say the price.
Why do so many people believe in such a disgusting and obviously fraudulent method?
Food and beverage, due to improper preservation of damp has greatly affected the quality of products, even rusty?
What kind of environment and how long has it been stored?


05 Bottle bottom VS authenticity

Finally, the bottom, the bottom of the genuine article, label clear, simple.
There are many "stories" at the bottom of fakes.
Clear traces of daub, tamper with production and warranty date can be seen.
When a bottle of fake goods, even daub the date of production and warranty date, and then print a more fake date, the harm is far more terrible than fake goods alone.


05 So called trial VS authenticity

In addition to the Algin mentioned above, there are many products that have been counterfeited in different styles.
There are some ways of faking it that are just plain silly.


Samples like these are clearly fakes.After reading these, I believe you will have a certain understanding of the comparison between real and fake TEXTURAS products.In addition to understanding, for their own and customers, please be sure to buy through formal channels.




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